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The WWII Memorial in Washington, DC (opened in 2004) was built to honor the 16 million Americans who served during World War II.  But most WWII Veterans have not seen their memorial and many do not have the means or ability to do so ... until now. 

The Honor Flight Network is a  national network of non-profit organizations dedicated to transporting as many US military Veterans as possible to see their Washington, DC area memorials at no cost to the Veterans.  Only war-service vets are eligible at this time.  The current focus is WWII Veterans and any war-service Veteran with a terminal illness.    We do not have much time to accomplish our mission

Villages Honor Flight (VHF) is the local chapter serving the Central Florida counties of Lake, Sumter, Marion, Citrus and Hernando.  Founded in July, 2011, over 500 Veterans have participated in the regular Honor Flight or the Flightless Honor Flight programs.


M21, our 3rd flightless mission, was successfully completed on 26-Sep-2015


M22, a very special flightless mission, was successfully completed on 16-Oct-2015


M23, our last regular flight for 2015,

was successfully completed on 28-Oct-2015


M24, our first mission in 2016, will be a "flightless" mission the last Saturday in Feb 2016




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2015 Missions


28-Feb-2015  (Flightless)









26-S     16-Oct-2015less)



Veteransclick here to download an application to fly with us

Everyone:  you can help by volunteering (lots of opportunities) or by donating (every dollar helps)


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