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The Honor Flight Network is a  non-profit organization dedicated to transporting as many United States military Veterans as possible to see the Washington, D.C. area memorials of the respective war(s) in which they fought at no cost to the Veterans.  The current focus is taking Veterans of World War II to the National World War II Memorial, and any Veteran with a terminal illness to see the memorial of the war in which they fought.

Villages Honor Flight is the local Honor Flight chapter

Its inaugural flight flew on 26-May-2012. 

Villages Honor Flight, Inc (VHF) was formed in July, 2011 to support Honor Flight efforts in Lake County / Sumter County / South Marion County area.  This area has a large number of WW2 vets and prior to the VHF, those vets had to rely on other FL chapters -- the probability that they would get to see the WWII Memorial was low.   Click here for more information about Villages Honor Flight

If you are a WW2 Vet in Lake County, Sumter County, Marion County, Citrus County or Hernando County (or anywhere in north central Florida) who has not visited the WWII Memorial, please contact us.

If you are interested in helping Villages Honor Flight in any capacity, see the Volunteer Page

For information on the VHF Club, click here


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