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For a variety of reasons, some Vets are unable to fly.  It may be an ear problem, a circulation problem, some other medical issue that the Vet's physician deems significant, or the Vet may feel that the trip up to D.C. and back on a single day is just too much.  Villages Honor Flight has a special program for these Vets.  It includes all aspects of a normal mission except for the actual flight to D.C. and back.  Using video technology and some magic, we will recreate the entire experience including:
  • each Vet will have a dedicated guardian
  • a preflight meeting will get the mission participants together for a little orientation and some socialization
  • a special flight shirt
  • a squad-oriented social event
  • the virtual flight with all associated activities
  • participation in the regular spring or fall reunion

There is no cost to the Veteran.  Guardians are asked to donate $50 to Villages Honor Flight for the honor of escorting a war-era Veteran on this mission.

A list of frequently asked questions (and answers) can be found here

If you are interested in this program as either a Vet or guardian, fill out and submit an application

The first virtual flight was completed on 27-Sep-2014; the second flightless mission was completed on  Saturday, 28-Feb-2015 .  The third Flightless mission was completed on Saturday 26-Sep-2015.  Each mission is limited to 15 Vets and 15 guardians.  Given sufficient demand, we are considering several virtual missions each year and may increase the size of the missions (modestly).  Because everything happens locally, we will not be constrained by winter weather in Washington, D. C. or the extreme heat of D.C. in the summer. 


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