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Preflight Meeting Schedule - 2016

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Two preflight meetings are held for each regular mission; a single preflight meeting is held for each flightless mission.  The meetings are for mission participants (vets, guardians and staff who have been selected for that mission), mission support personnel and others explicitly invited.  The meetings are not "open to the public".

The purpose of these meetings is to prepare for the actual flight:

  • key data on each participant is reviewed; accurate data ensures that we have accurate tickets and boarding passes

  • medical screening is accomplished

  • training for guardians

  • flight overview and mechanics for everyone

  • time for vets and guardians to socialize

Preflight meeting dates, times and locations are locked down at the beginning of the flight season based on target flight dates.  Even if the actual flight date moves a little, the preflight meeting dates do not. 

Flightless Preflight Activities:  All preflight meetings for Flightless missions are held on Saturdays from 12:30PM to 4PM.  Specific dates and locations are shown below

Regular Mission Preflight ActivitiesAll preflight meetings for Regular missions are normally held on Sundays from 12:30 to 4PM.   Specific dates and locations are shown below.  If you are a vet or guardian on a given flight, please see this for information re when you should arrive.



Flight Date Stage Preflight #1 Preflight #2 Comments
Date Location Date


24 27-Feb-2016 G 06-Feb-2016 Colony N/A N/A Flightless Mission
25 30-Mar-2016 G 14-Feb-2016 Colony 13-Mar-2016 Colony  
26 18-May-2016 G 10-Apr-2016 Colony 08-May-2016 Colony  
27 23-Jun-2016 G N/A N/A N/A N/A Flightless Mission
28 07-Sep-2016 F 24-Jul-2016 Colony 21-Aug-2016 Colony  
29 24-Sep-2016 E 03-Sep-2016 Colony N/A N/A Flightless Mission
30 18-Oct-2016 D TBD TBD N/A N/A Fort McCoy
31 02-Nov-2016 C 25-Sep-2016 Colony 23-Oct-2016 Colony  



For information on Send Off and Home Coming, Click Here


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