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Guardians have a very important role in the mission of Villages Honor Flight. Guardians are the volunteers who escort/assist Veterans during the mission. Guardians interact with the vet from the first preflight session through the actual flight and the subsequent reunion. Their involvement is continuous on flight day ... from assembly at the beginning of the day through Homecoming and departure back home at the end of the day, the guardian is there to ensure that the Vets have a safe and enjoyable experience.  Each Vet has his/her own dedicated guardian.


  • Guardians must be no older than 76 and must be in good physical condition.  A typical flight is 20+ hours and guardians will often walk 5+ miles during the day.  A guardian may be asked to push a wheelchair for several hours and may be asked to load and unload wheel chairs from the bus.

  • Applicants above the age of 70 will be required to submit documentation from their personal physician certifying that they are "fit to fly". Applicants over 70 should contact the Villages Honor Flight  Medical Advisor for specific instructions (see Contacts page). 

  • All guardians, regardless of age, must pass a medical review by the Medical Advisor before they are accepted.   

  • Guardians should be prepared to attend one mandatory meeting prior to the actual flight date:

    • PreFlight meeting approximately 6 weeks before the flight.

    • Click here for more info on preflight meetings and why they are important
  • Guardians must have an email account and must use it regularly
  • Guardians must have a cell phone for the flight (a TRAC phone or similar is OK)
  • Guardians must be CPR certified as of flight day.  Presentation of a valid CPR card on/before the 2nd preflight meeting is required.  Villages Honor Flight coordinates CPR training sessions frequently.

Guardians are expected to pay their way by making a $350 Guardian "donation".  Do Not include payment with your application 

This payment can eventually be made by check or on-line on our Donation Page. 

  • If you pay by check, please make the check payable to "Villages Honor Flight" with "VHF- Guardian" in the memo section.  The word "Guardian" is important. 

  • If you pay online, then please indicate that the online donation is for "Guardian"

  • Do not include a check with your application and do not pay on-line when you submit your application.  Guardians will be asked to donate after they have been selected for a particular flight or when contacted by Villages Honor Flight.

Guardians must understand that although they are paying their own way, they have done so for the privilege of escorting a WWII or Korean War hero for this trip and are NOT there as tourists or sightseers.  Their job is the safety and well-being of their Veteran and making sure their Veterans are where they need to be when they need to be, and help meet their Veteran's personal needs throughout the day.  This may include assisting a Veteran in the restroom.

When Will I fly?  Virtually every potential guardian assumes that they will apply and then quickly participate in a mission.  That is unlikely.  We have a long waiting list of potential guardians and everything is done on a first come, first served basis; so a person applying today will probably not fly for a year.  We try to communicate that when we receive an application but with an all volunteer staff, communications are not always perfect.  That said, assembling the vets and guardians who will be on the next mission is not a straight-forward process.  See this for some insight on what actually happens.

If you wish to become an Guardian, complete and submit the Online Guardian Application.

For more information on Guardians, contact


Questions? Problems?  Contact the webmaster or one of the people on the Contacts page

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