Squad Leaders


Regular Missions

Before Preflight 1

Guardian's Guide (pdf file with inactive hyperlinks)  -- select this version if you plan to just print out the guide {last updated on 13Feb'14}

Guardian's Guide (pdf file with active hyperlinks) -- select this version if you plan to read the guide on your computer and you want the hyperlinks to "work") {last updated on 13Feb'14}

Squad Leaders Guide (Word doc)  Work in progress

Preflight 1

PF1 Squad Leaders Training (Word doc bullet list)

PF1 Squad Leaders Training (PP presentation)

Squad Info Email (Word doc)

Squad Social Email (word doc)

Preflight 2

PF2 Squad Leaders Briefing

Last Minute Letter to SqLs (Word doc)

Post Flight

Guardian Assessment (Word doc)


Flightless Missions

FHF SqL Guide

FHF SqL Briefing



 Work In Progress