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Villages Honor Flight could not operate without the generous support of individuals, organizations and businesses.  We have grouped donations by "Level of Support"  Levels of Support and Supporters at those levels   We can not list every donation; most of the donations in the Booster category ( < $100 ) are anonymous cash contributions deposited into donation jars.

The contributions from guardians and flight staff are huge.  Quite frankly, we could not survive without them.  A matrix showing all guardians who have flow with us to date and the missions on which they flew can be found here.  A similar matrix for flight staff can be found here.

Some donations are made in Memory of a Veteran or to Honor a Veteran, a member of the VHF Community or a loved one of either.  Our Wall of Honor lists those individuals who have been so honored.

We receive thank you notes from many of the vets who have flown with us.  A selection of those letters can be viewed here.


Date Last Updated:  04-Jun-2017

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