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The function of the board of a Florida NFP is to ensure that the corporation is fulfilling its obligations. This is accomplished through overseeing and evaluating the operations of the organization, including monitoring the officers, executive directors and staff. In addition, the board’s function is to enable the NFP to successfully carry out its mission and achieve its purposes.

While the specific responsibilities of the board of directors of a Florida NFP will depend on the particular organization, in fulfilling its primary functions, the work of the board is generally comprised of three activities: 1. Strategic planning; 2. Oversight of the organization’s programs (including fiscal oversight); and 3. Fundraising. To carry out these primary functions, the board will have certain specific duties which may vary depending on the organization. For more i information, read Duties and Responsibilities in the State of Florida.

A document that specifies how the 501(c) 3 governs itself is defined in its Bylaws.

Bylaws are an organization’s operating manual. They define:

  • Size of the board and how it will function

  • Roles and duties of directors and officers

  • Rules and procedures for holding meetings, electing directors, and appointing officers

  • Conflict of interest policies and procedures

  • How grant monies will be distributed

  • Other essential corporate governance matters

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