“We can’t all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and applaud when they go by.” . . . Will Rogers

Greeters serve an important role in flight send off and flight homecoming.  The job is fairly easy but the impact is significant.  An hour or two of your time can make a real difference to all our vets.

Send Off:  Each flight starts with an assembly at American Legion Post 347 in Lady Lake.  Vets, guardians and staff assemble to check in and ensure that everyone is flight ready.  We will have an honor guard, a speaker or two, a few final words from the flight director, and then the flight participants move to the bus that will take them to the Sanford Airport.  Ideally, the vets and their guardians will move along a path with greeters on either side who are there to thank the vets for their service and cheer/applaud as they go by. Greeters also wave, cheer and applaud as the bus departs.

Homecoming:  the homecoming for most vets was quite unlike what the movies portray.  There were no crowds, no bands, no parades; just a lonely walk from the train station to their home. They have been waiting years for a proper homecoming and we plan to provide that.  Our goal is several hundred people waiting for the vets when their bus arrives.  You can be a part of that.  You can be a part of the homecoming these vets so richly deserve.